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Should You Use a Realtor
to Buy a Builder's New Home

Myths & Facts


  Many people think about working with a Realtor® only when they’re buying or selling an existing home; not when planning to build one.  But, many people now realize that an experienced Realtor® can be a big help in buying a new home, too.  And the good news is that it won’t cost you a dime extra to take advantage of the services of a real estate agent.

  Compensation given to the agent is recognized by the builder as a cost of marketing and has no impact on the final price of your home. Most builders expect and encourage a Realtor participation in their new home sales.

  Let's dispel some common myths about buying a new home from a builder

Myth:  The builder will charge more for the house if I use a Realtor.

Fact:  As noted above, in Sarasota, we have Builder - Realtor agreements. The home costs the same whether you use the services of a Realtor or not. It doesn't cost you anything for me to represent you. Let me give you the benefit of my experience.

Myth:  You've lived in the area and are familiar with the local builders and subdivisions; you do not need a Realtor to protect your interests.

Fact:  The on-site salesperson represents the builder'd interests, not yours.

Myth:  Builders don't really like it when a Realtor is involved.

Fact:  A Realtor can actually make the sale easier for the Builder by helping buyers sort through their options and become better-informed buyers. Realtors also answer lots of questions that the builder would just as soon not spend time answering; their job is to "close the deal". Some Builders brag that over 50% of their sales are Realtor® generated.

Myth:  There is an agent located in every model to help me.

Fact:  Many Buyers do not understand that the on-site agent at a new home model is acting as a “Seller’s Agent” and is acting only on behalf of the builder. Their loyalty is to the Builder only. They must act fairly and honestly but their job is to get the best deal for the Builder, not you, the buyer.

Not only are you, the Buyer, entitled to have your own agent, you should absolutely have a Realtor acting as your "Buyer's Agent" to represent you and your interests - just as the Builder has representatives acting on his behalf.

Myth:  You can go look at model homes and if you decide to buy, you can bring in a Realtor to represent your interests later when you are ready to finalize the deal.

Fact:  Builder - Realtor Agreements often require that you be accompanied by your Realtor the first time, or every time, you look at model homes. So, ask me to accompany you even if you just want to look at models. I won't be upset if you aren't ready to buy right away. With my experience, I can offer valuable information that will help you choose the right builder as well as the right model.

Myth:  The builder you are considering is a national builder. They wouldn't be so big if they weren't a good builder. And, they've won several Home Builder's Association awards.

Fact:  Big isn't always better. National builders may be better in some parts of the country than others. Awards given out by the Home Builder's Association are for home designs, not for the construction quality.

If you are interested in building a new home, here is what I will do for you:

  • Introduce you to the best builders in the subdivisions that best fit your needs and wishes.
  • Give you the pluses and minuses of certain locations and exposures for yourself and a future resale.
  • Suggest options that you might add to make your house more enjoyable and more "saleable" down the road.
  • Go with you to your "color, appliance & carpet selection" meeting.
  • Be your advocate on any problem or "misunderstanding" with the builder.
  • Help you with any and all needs involved in your move into the new home.

You deserve the best representation on one a truly large investment. Please call me at 941.228.9682.

I will show you all the builders' new homes in the Sarasota area & help you find the perfect one for you.

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