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Choosing a Sarasota Real Estate Buyer's Agent

How to Find a Competent Sarasota Buyer's Agent

    First, let's define the roles a real estate agent can choose to play. Realtors®, by law, can act in a number of roles. A real estate professional acting in the role of a Listing or Seller's Agent represents the Seller and is obligated by law to help the Seller get the best price and terms.

    A real estate agent acting in the role of a Buyer's Agent works for the Buyer and must legally and ethically look out for the Buyer's best interest, not the Seller's. For those who have undertaken extra training, there is a special recognition known as being an "Accredited Buyer Representative." Such Realtors frequently display the designation "ABR" after their name.

    Some Realtors® act as Seller's Agents or Buyer's Agents exclusively. Other Realtors® have the knowledge and experience to provide service to both Buyers or Sellers, but with few exceptions, on any given transaction, they can act only in one of the roles. Either they represent the Seller or they represent the Buyer, not both at the same time.

    In some states, real estate agents can act in a special role called various things but most commonly, as a "Transaction Agent" or "Transaction Broker". When acting in this role, the Realtor® must declare to you that he or she is acting in that role and is, in fact, representing neither the Buyer or the Seller but simply acting as a "facilitator of a transaction."  In general, you, as a buyer, are best served by a Realtor acting specifically as your Buyer's Agent.

    The details of buying a home can be overwhelming. A professional Sarasota real estate Buyer's Agent can guide you through the entire process and make the experience much easier, less frustration and more enjoyable.  And buying a home should be just that -- an enjoyable experience. Your Buyer's Agent can advise you on many important considerations about a neighborhood you may be considering...the schools, the children in the area, traffic volumes, and more. He can also help you determine the price home you can afford and search the Sarasota Florida area Multiple Listing Service for homes that fit your needs.

    With access to homes as soon as they’re on the market, your Sarasota Buyer's Agent can save you time wasted driving around looking at homes from the outside only. He or she can screen homes on the market to assure they're reasonably priced and in good condition before taking you to see those in your price range with the amenities you want.

    Your Sarasota real estate Buyer's Agent will point out ways to structure the deal to save you money, explain the advantages of different types of mortgages, guide you through the paperwork, protect your interests during inspections, and answer any questions as you prepare to sign the closing papers.

    In most instances, you don’t pay your Buyer's Agent anything for these services. Payment for all the work a Sarasota buyers agent does for you comes from the home seller under the terms of the listing contract.

    Remember, if you see a home in a Sarasota newspaper, real estate book or on the Internet, and you contact the Realtor in that ad, you're calling the Listing Agent, who is looking out for the Seller. If you want someone looking out for your interests, not the Sellers, you want the services of a Sarasota FL Buyers Agent.

    How do you find a Buyers Agent, or better yet, an Accredited Buyer Representtive in the Sarasota real estate market?  It's easy ! First look for a Realtor with the "ABR" designation after his or her name. Failing that, just ask a Sarasota Florida Realtor if he or she will act in the "buyer's Agent" role for you. Then, you'll know your Realtor is "looking out for your interests only."

    So, why use a Sarasota Buyer's Agent ? A Buyer's Agent Realtor looks out for your interests and desires, in most cases, at no cost to you. A better question might be, "Why not use a Buyer's Agent, since it costs you nothing."

Information in this article has been drawn from various sources and while it is thought to be accurate and timely, it is not warranted.
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